When I Finally Find Someone

This is another prompt response for my poetry class; the prompt was: write a poem that scares you.

It’s also another one where I’m giving a disclaimer ahead of time. This is quite personal, though hypothetical, and contains a term that some may find offensive; I apologize in advance.

she gave her approval of him when
we were just friends – feelings
were only a one-way street at the time
between us – after almost a year –
he told me what was on his heart and

we decided to be together –
we were far from perfect and
we knew why
we ended up this way – he had

confusion and a domineering family – I
was a fatherless pervert with
an overbearing mother – we just
needed to get out –

somewhere – somehow – someone
found out and snuffed us –

he dropped me off at my mom’s apartment for
yet another summer of dullness – I go up the stairs

only to find my mother patiently waiting
at the kitchen table – wanting to discuss
a business matter – but instead
told me to turn around and leave

now that I’m a faggot –
why plead my case with this woman – she

only knows conservativism and her store doesn’t
serve those with opposing lifestyles
and non-Christians –

but alas I pleaded my case –

I guess she no longer wanted
the one good thing that happened to her
anymore –

a similar event happened to
my caring boyfriend – yet he was
beaten by his brothers before being cast out –

we have each other, 23 years of our lives, and
nowhere to go – all our friends who care are
busy with their own lives to

show us some grace –

this is what happens when
I leave my closet open –
why in God’s name would I do that?


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