Stop This Cycle of Depression

Day in, day out; everything’s
the same every day.
My joints crack, muscles stiff –

I’m up at 5 AM – but
only on weekdays.
It’s an easy, Sunday ride to
my place of employment – a place
where scents of propane, sweat, cigarettes,
and depressing thoughts that won’t come true
creep their way into my
striped fur. From this place that
reeks of desperation, I take part
in a mini marathon on two wheels –
any energy reserved when the sun bakes
the landscape, after putting
my 8 hours in
is gone.
I came home to a

sad story that is my
caretaker, or so I’d like to
imagine. The pattern of this
story is the same;
new job, lost it, move
new job, lose it, move
new job, lose it, move –

Can we please not move anymore?

Like most felines, I need to
analyze and drink in
my environment. I need to

make lasting friendships and
find a mate who’s
perfectly complementary with my soul,
female or male, doesn’t
matter to me; it shouldn’t
matter to you.

Goodbye caretaker. Thanks
for what you’ve done
to me. I’ll be with those
who seem to enjoy living, those
who relate better to animals and fiction
more than people in their lives, those
who can be their true self
by pretending to be
something they’re not.
I am one of these people –
imprinting myself as an
anthropomorphic tiger for
all the world to see –

take it or leave it.
I’m not striving for
your standards


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