Zodiac Reading

Noticed I’ve started changing my beliefs a little bit. That, or I’m starting to think for myself a little more, in terms of spirituality.

Hello Pisces.

Keep in mind what I’m about to reveal for
the rest of this week, or the rest of today.
Your two fish among the stars have revealed
to me rewards and consequences
in your near future – take joy or take warning –

cosmic beings will guide you as you walk
this rutted path you keep traveling, apathetic
to the beautiful, dynamic world that breaths
around you – that breaths
without you.

Your third-eye craves for change;
it hungers. The arid habitat of tradition leaves it
parched. It’s impatient for Someone to reveal His
plan for you, oblivious to what
He reveals to you, if anything at all.
Change is scary, Pisces; I understand. Don’t
allow others to waste your mind away by feeding it
synthetics, and hide it away from the rest of
your fellow beings. You’re more than mere fish,

Pisces; you’re a free child that needs to explore,
that needs to get dirty and scrape their knees –
to learn what others believe.

The world isn’t a polished, blue marble; it’s
a disgusting and cruel wasteland, it keeps you
on your toes, it keeps you alive –
that’s the beauty of Mother Earth.


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