I’ll be showcasing some of my latest poems and any I’ve written in the past that I’m particularly proud of.

I usually write in free verse, but I’m no stranger to writing in a traditional poetic form, such as the sonnet or haiku. There are other traditional forms I write in sometimes, usually other forms of Japanese poetry, and I’ll be sure to explain what they are and how they work when I post them. I also write in other, structured forms and I’ll explain those too as I post them.

Not surprisingly, there’s almost always some story or reason behind every poem. However, I won’t say what that is or why I wrote a particular poem; the exception is if it’s in a different poetic form that’s not listed above.

This won’t have a posting schedule and will most likely not be updated regularly. I’ll post poems as I write them and if I think they’re “ready” enough to be shared. As for poems I’ve written in the past, I may do a couple “Throwback Thursdays” here and there with these, but they won’t be regular either.

Hope you enjoy my poems!


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