Never Let Me Go

A bit on the experimental side, mainly with the rhyming. I tend to not rhyme whenever I write “vent poems,” so I decided to give it a shot this time.

Nowhere to run –
Nowhere to hide –
Out only to have a little fun,
Then it’s back to the grind.

You can’t keep me around forever

The burden that is you weighs a ton –
It’s a miracle my back is still intact
From caring for you – Remind me, am I your son
Or your husband? Is the “crippled mother” just an act?

You can’t keep me around forever

Can’t do this –
Can’t do that –
A new chapter of my life starts and you hiss
Anger is your soul – it’s how you always react.

I can’t stay here forever

For the first time, I found love –
I hope our souls intertwine –
I hope Peace descends like a dove
Upon this house – you and I are in a bind.

I won’t stay single forever

Consistently a disappointment, you have a list
Of every mistake I’ve made that makes you upset –
Your only child might as well not exist,
Or at least be a memorable vignette.

You shouldn’t hate yourself forever

All I ask is to be let go
Before winter comes
And I’m buried with snow,
Leaving you in the doldrums –
Sons won’t last forever,

But they must be on their own


Your Golden Dream

A poem who’s form follows that of the Golden Ratio, Phi (for the first 20 digits). This is another experimental poem with the form.

are not meant to be made –
distract from sad realities.

you love [blank] –
[blank] =
happiness for you. become obsessed
with [blank] – strive for it with passion.
passion launches dreams into the
reality you always
wanted – but that
passion suffocated when you took
that factory job to survive –
where you could be replaced by machines
in a heartbeat.
that’s the opportunity to
employ yourself
to your obsession – so that you
can live.

A Method to Remove Demons

It costs $7.96 to
breath in the unknown
chemicals for relaxation
during a 7 minute break from
20 times the mind
numbs, a disconnection of
the body takes place –
only for a spell.
Worries, anxieties, insecurities
go up in thin wisps; they
exit in a thick cloud upon
exhaling, while
shredded tobacco burns.
These demons are attracted to
smoke and cling to it as
microscopic atoms of the
unknown chemicals would to the
lungs, preventing proper respiration.
I can legally obtain these

death sticks
now; I’m aware
regret will kick in as
I age. Please
don’t remind me –
I’m trying to smoke
out the demons; they
have resided inside me for
too long.

Stop This Cycle of Depression

Day in, day out; everything’s
the same every day.
My joints crack, muscles stiff –

I’m up at 5 AM – but
only on weekdays.
It’s an easy, Sunday ride to
my place of employment – a place
where scents of propane, sweat, cigarettes,
and depressing thoughts that won’t come true
creep their way into my
striped fur. From this place that
reeks of desperation, I take part
in a mini marathon on two wheels –
any energy reserved when the sun bakes
the landscape, after putting
my 8 hours in
is gone.
I came home to a

sad story that is my
caretaker, or so I’d like to
imagine. The pattern of this
story is the same;
new job, lost it, move
new job, lose it, move
new job, lose it, move –

Can we please not move anymore?

Like most felines, I need to
analyze and drink in
my environment. I need to

make lasting friendships and
find a mate who’s
perfectly complementary with my soul,
female or male, doesn’t
matter to me; it shouldn’t
matter to you.

Goodbye caretaker. Thanks
for what you’ve done
to me. I’ll be with those
who seem to enjoy living, those
who relate better to animals and fiction
more than people in their lives, those
who can be their true self
by pretending to be
something they’re not.
I am one of these people –
imprinting myself as an
anthropomorphic tiger for
all the world to see –

take it or leave it.
I’m not striving for
your standards

Your Motivation Should Be…

Don’t you hate it when
the mind wanders? And
you start thinking
about the people in your life:
those you love,
those you don’t like,
that random guy you met at a café?
Do you end up thinking about
the significance
of it all? Why

they of all people
are in your life?

Why is it that
whenever she’s around or
you’re aware of her presence –

you feel uneasy –

you can’t be 100% yourself because
you’re not allowed to? Or
you’re afraid of what
she’ll think of you?

How much longer will she be
like a dislodged disk in
your spine – preventing you
from reaching your full

When will liberation arrive?

But what about those who
truly love you – more than
she ever could?
Don’t they support you where
you need it most? In
mind and spirit?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary support
elsewhere. You only need
strong willpower and


Don’t your friends – those
who say “I love you” and
mean it –

mean the world to you?

Your true Father introduced
you to them on
purpose – would that
not give any weight on
those relationships?
Have they not been willing
to give you a chance when
she didn’t? Even though

she claims to have done so?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary,
emotional, mental, and spiritual
elsewhere –
be it from here on earth or
from someone with

unmatched, unconditional

She’s not capable of
providing much for you

Working in the Library

I’m here again at
the place I used to frequent –
except now I work here and
get paid to do
very little –
at least this time
it’s worth the $7.25 –

most of the time I
complete pointless schoolwork
or write poems while
my gut starts gargling like
my coffee maker on
the brew cycle –
all because my shift is
during lunch –

guess I’ll get back to
finding something
to kill the next hour

This is a bit of a “sequel” to an older poem of mine called “Waiting at the Library;” I might post this one later on.