Flirting Relationships

A pattern I’ve noticed lately with people having “crushes” on me and discussing potential relationships.

relationships past, yet none of them
are “The One.” Two local, two long-distance;
at least I got some experience. But I don’t want
experience, I want, no,
need companionship.
Yet most I interact with just flirt, think I’m cute, a stud, this wonderful person
they seem to put on a pedestal.

I’m not.

What’s the point of desire if
I’m just a rolling stone? Why would anyone put up with
an anxious person with an old-fashioned coping mechanism?
Do you honestly want a life-long relationship with a so-called sexy stud
who’s watching his life crash and burn in slow motion, and
out of desperation, poorly attempts to
stop the crash before it causes more damage?

Would you want to hold him when he
grieves for his long-gone father
death cheated him out of? Would you be there for him
when the two women closest to him leave this world?

Would you give him a family when his is long-gone?

Would you grieve with him?

Die with him?
This is why I resist
flirting; relationships
are two-way streets and are multidimensional

Yet no one understands this, because
they don’t think with their brains.


Spirit of a Big Cat

I am feline but
identify more with the
domesticated variety, yet
I find comfort knowing
I’m kin to the tigers
of East Asia; yet my
natural habitat is
far from tropical.
Some features of mine
have been cast out of the
natural gene pool – apparently
grey fur with green stripes,
blurred vision, an enlarged
heart full of love, and a
humanoid physique don’t
contribute to survivability

and reproduction for
my species; most of my kind
would rather copulate
with the same sex anyway.
There are so many of us

in the world – these
strange, colorful animals
more loving than humans –
canines, felines, ursines,
cervines, equines,
scalies, avians, marines,
sparkle dogs and sparkle cats,
unique hybrids from creative minds –
this was just how we were
created by our modern gods.
It’s good that we have

a capacity for compassion.
Nature –
society, humans –
can be unnecessarily

A Dream Becoming Possible

I’ve wondered more and more if
I will meet that soul which
compliments mine since
contemplating that I can love another
man as I can love a woman;

I’ve wondered more and more where
I am going now and
who with since
resuscitating my love for
God’s creatures, so much that
I wish to become one myself at times.
I’ve learned more about myself; I’ve learned

more about what makes
the animals, plants,
fungi, protists,
all life
tick –

how they’re similar,
how they’re different – it’s
quite amazing. Maybe I will

follow my childhood dream of
veterinary practice or doing my
part in conservation and education, to
broaden our specie’s mind, exposing them
to other life on Earth – life I

would rather be a part of. Oh, how

I would love that! And by my side, the
man I love, who shares my love
for the natural world;
whoever he may be.

Your Motivation Should Be…

Don’t you hate it when
the mind wanders? And
you start thinking
about the people in your life:
those you love,
those you don’t like,
that random guy you met at a café?
Do you end up thinking about
the significance
of it all? Why

they of all people
are in your life?

Why is it that
whenever she’s around or
you’re aware of her presence –

you feel uneasy –

you can’t be 100% yourself because
you’re not allowed to? Or
you’re afraid of what
she’ll think of you?

How much longer will she be
like a dislodged disk in
your spine – preventing you
from reaching your full

When will liberation arrive?

But what about those who
truly love you – more than
she ever could?
Don’t they support you where
you need it most? In
mind and spirit?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary support
elsewhere. You only need
strong willpower and


Don’t your friends – those
who say “I love you” and
mean it –

mean the world to you?

Your true Father introduced
you to them on
purpose – would that
not give any weight on
those relationships?
Have they not been willing
to give you a chance when
she didn’t? Even though

she claims to have done so?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary,
emotional, mental, and spiritual
elsewhere –
be it from here on earth or
from someone with

unmatched, unconditional

She’s not capable of
providing much for you

A Common Favorite

Azule represents the most
important liquid on the planet
that sustains life, yet

this liquid can also
take away life if it has
access to places in your body
where its excess is fatal.

The hottest stars of our
galaxy shine bright
with 青。Be glad they

are far away and that
our Sun isn’t μπλε; there
would be no Solar System; there

would be no Earth.

Wiebieski is that of the
ever precious
lapis lazuli, used in

jewelry of royalty in
ancient Egypt, and used as

dyes for the high class’ wardrobes
and the vivid stained-glass of
European cathedrals. It’s a shame

the commoners couldn’t partake in
this exquisite hue.

When the sky’s clear and
not many clouds are around,
there’s an expanse of 푸른
in all directions. No wonder

we associate calmness and coolness
with màu xanh. Yet why do
we also associate it with

sadness that makes us
want to bring harm
to ourselves?

Maybe that’s why
I like blue so much, it expresses
some of the simpler
human desires and fears:
life, peace, the rarities we find, and

an untimely demise.

Latest prompt response. The prompt was to write a poem where the name of a color appears several times throughout, and to draw any and all images that come to mind associated with that color. I decided to put a spin on this and use the word “blue” in several different languages.

Try Something

Those who mind, throw ‘em off a cliff.
They’re not your mother, ordering you
how you should live.
Why not lick a needle and leave a stub on your tongue;
who cares if you’ll sound like you’re always eating blackberries.
Try something you’ve never done before that those who mind
would voice their sheltered opinions towards you.
Like this peculiar powder I got from some guy
who claims it’ll make you soar on a cloud to the cosmos.
Mind the whirring in your ears during your trip.

Surprised I didn’t put this one up until now. This was the first prompt response for my poetry class. The prompt was called “Ten-Minute Spill,” where I had to spit out the first thing that comes to my head for ten minutes straight; and this is the result.

An Inner Part of Me

One weekend
was what I needed
to try and be something
I’m not, letting my
animal spirit
consume me.
At my core

I am feline but
identify more with the
domesticated variety, yet
I find comfort
knowing I’m kin to the
tigers of East Asia; yet
my natural habitat
is far from tropical.
Some features of mine
have been cast out of
the gene pool, apparently
sabered fangs,
blue fur with purple stripes,
blurred vision and an
enlarged heart filled with
love, and a
humanoid physique don’t
contribute to
survivability and reproduction for
my species. But

there are so many of us
in the world; this was
just how we were created
by our modern gods.
Maybe it’s good that

God gave us and them
the capacity for
compassion because
Nature –
humans –
can be

Another prompt response for my poetry class. The prompt was to simply write a poem in which an animal figures prominently, not to be used symbolically. I tried to go with a different rout with this rather than just pick an animal and go from there; in essence, I was trying to base this on my fursona (currently in development) and the whole furry subculture.