Spirit of a Big Cat

I am feline but
identify more with the
domesticated variety, yet
I find comfort knowing
I’m kin to the tigers
of East Asia; yet my
natural habitat is
far from tropical.
Some features of mine
have been cast out of the
natural gene pool – apparently
grey fur with green stripes,
blurred vision, an enlarged
heart full of love, and a
humanoid physique don’t
contribute to survivability

and reproduction for
my species; most of my kind
would rather copulate
with the same sex anyway.
There are so many of us

in the world – these
strange, colorful animals
more loving than humans –
canines, felines, ursines,
cervines, equines,
scalies, avians, marines,
sparkle dogs and sparkle cats,
unique hybrids from creative minds –
this was just how we were
created by our modern gods.
It’s good that we have

a capacity for compassion.
Nature –
society, humans –
can be unnecessarily


Zodiac Reading

Noticed I’ve started changing my beliefs a little bit. That, or I’m starting to think for myself a little more, in terms of spirituality.

Hello Pisces.

Keep in mind what I’m about to reveal for
the rest of this week, or the rest of today.
Your two fish among the stars have revealed
to me rewards and consequences
in your near future – take joy or take warning –

cosmic beings will guide you as you walk
this rutted path you keep traveling, apathetic
to the beautiful, dynamic world that breaths
around you – that breaths
without you.

Your third-eye craves for change;
it hungers. The arid habitat of tradition leaves it
parched. It’s impatient for Someone to reveal His
plan for you, oblivious to what
He reveals to you, if anything at all.
Change is scary, Pisces; I understand. Don’t
allow others to waste your mind away by feeding it
synthetics, and hide it away from the rest of
your fellow beings. You’re more than mere fish,

Pisces; you’re a free child that needs to explore,
that needs to get dirty and scrape their knees –
to learn what others believe.

The world isn’t a polished, blue marble; it’s
a disgusting and cruel wasteland, it keeps you
on your toes, it keeps you alive –
that’s the beauty of Mother Earth.

Your Motivation Should Be…

Don’t you hate it when
the mind wanders? And
you start thinking
about the people in your life:
those you love,
those you don’t like,
that random guy you met at a café?
Do you end up thinking about
the significance
of it all? Why

they of all people
are in your life?

Why is it that
whenever she’s around or
you’re aware of her presence –

you feel uneasy –

you can’t be 100% yourself because
you’re not allowed to? Or
you’re afraid of what
she’ll think of you?

How much longer will she be
like a dislodged disk in
your spine – preventing you
from reaching your full

When will liberation arrive?

But what about those who
truly love you – more than
she ever could?
Don’t they support you where
you need it most? In
mind and spirit?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary support
elsewhere. You only need
strong willpower and


Don’t your friends – those
who say “I love you” and
mean it –

mean the world to you?

Your true Father introduced
you to them on
purpose – would that
not give any weight on
those relationships?
Have they not been willing
to give you a chance when
she didn’t? Even though

she claims to have done so?

It’s not difficult finding
physical and monetary,
emotional, mental, and spiritual
elsewhere –
be it from here on earth or
from someone with

unmatched, unconditional

She’s not capable of
providing much for you

Letter to a Man I Never Knew

How’s it going up there in
that spiritual plain among
God Himself?
I’m sure it’s lovely and perfect
unlike this hardened dung
heap under my feet;
It’s not all bad though, but

I envy those who have
both loving parents down

here on Earth.

How’s sis doing with you?
I know she only lived
a few minutes and
I know that ordeal did a number
on you and mom.
I know when you were stolen from us,

it did a number on mom too,
the affects were delayed for me –
I got older and
realized the significance of

I understand you didn’t want
to leave, though we all will

forever ask “Why?”

You were proud and happy
to be a father, it didn’t matter if
it’s to a son, or to a daughter;
at least, that’s my impression from

what mom’s told me about you.

I don’t know how you
wanted me to be, or if you
had any “standards.” Mom seems
to have some of those.
You probably wanted me to like

sports, specifically baseball;
I don’t see the appeal of
our family’s obsession. Would you still

consider me a man despite
my disinterest?
Like mom, you’d probably find it odd

I’m more into cartoons, anime, videogames, and
a show about tiny equines intended for little girls
(it’s really good, seriously).
And like mom, you’re probably not proud that

I’ve discovered a way to lust in secret and
puff on burning fags of tobacco leaves
despite my heart problem.
There may be some other imperfections

I have, but may not be aware of;
mom does seem to nitpick though,

I don’t know if you were as peculiar.

I hope you’re at least proud that
I’m finding my way and who I am
in spirit and in myself; I know
I’m not the most decisive person and

I’m unlike the majority of
our family and tend to
deviate from the norm.
I hope you know that

I’m not like you or mom or
anyone else,

mom doesn’t quite understand this
it seems. I don’t know for sure.

I’ll leave whatever you two need to
discuss amongst yourselves.

All I ask is for
your love and acceptance for
who I am – my heart
fell for a guy recently, and
I’m ok with this. Would

you deny me if I
had a boyfriend?

No one will ever know what
you would’ve done.

Anyway, I need
to get back to figuring shit out; I need
to get back to filling

that hole you left behind.