TBT: Winter Renga

i stand beneath bright, grey snow clouds,
my bated breath steams.

The icy wind howls,
My fingers begin to numb.

bundled and inert,
my body is no anchor;
i seek the sky road.

With grey gloom above me,
A speck of hope falls.

small, pale motes at first;
joining into larger clumps:
the cold given form.

Unique, chilled crystals
Dot the ground with white.

all part of a larger whole,
seeking unity.

The sun peeks through,
Enhancing their shine.

the source’s reflection,
glinting infinite facets,
fills the universe.

In time for the Season.

First time trying a renga with someone almost three years ago. Collaboration with deinktvis on DeviantArt; my lines are the couplets, his are the haiku.