A Method to Remove Demons

It costs $7.96 to
breath in the unknown
chemicals for relaxation
during a 7 minute break from
20 times the mind
numbs, a disconnection of
the body takes place –
only for a spell.
Worries, anxieties, insecurities
go up in thin wisps; they
exit in a thick cloud upon
exhaling, while
shredded tobacco burns.
These demons are attracted to
smoke and cling to it as
microscopic atoms of the
unknown chemicals would to the
lungs, preventing proper respiration.
I can legally obtain these

death sticks
now; I’m aware
regret will kick in as
I age. Please
don’t remind me –
I’m trying to smoke
out the demons; they
have resided inside me for
too long.


Substance Abuser

First poem of 2016…starting off real great. Anyway, enjoy.

Every Time.
Every Time I establish a
mutual connection with another and
I open my heart to them and
they open theirs to me – I
can’t help but lose myself
over them – they
become an Obsession slowly
working its way through every
orifice in my brain –
Every Time I hope they
might be the one for me – not
to make me whole but to
connect – to make us
greater than we could
alone. Yet it seems
I Obsess over the disinterested –
I Obsess over the “I’m not ready” –
I Obsess over the happily mated – and
when quitting is an option another
Obsession appears and consumes
my heart – I remember
this behavior has burned away
inside me like acid – it has shoved
me close to death’s door. How do I
quit this behavior for good? Or
should I even quit the search – the
constant chasing of tails? Or maybe
jealousy is eating at me and
I’m afraid of being alone with no
companion. Perhaps my heart
is made of mercury – it
melts so easily – but it has
already melted.