A Dream Becoming Possible

I’ve wondered more and more if
I will meet that soul which
compliments mine since
contemplating that I can love another
man as I can love a woman;

I’ve wondered more and more where
I am going now and
who with since
resuscitating my love for
God’s creatures, so much that
I wish to become one myself at times.
I’ve learned more about myself; I’ve learned

more about what makes
the animals, plants,
fungi, protists,
all life
tick –

how they’re similar,
how they’re different – it’s
quite amazing. Maybe I will

follow my childhood dream of
veterinary practice or doing my
part in conservation and education, to
broaden our specie’s mind, exposing them
to other life on Earth – life I

would rather be a part of. Oh, how

I would love that! And by my side, the
man I love, who shares my love
for the natural world;
whoever he may be.



On my return trip out of the wooded area near my apartment complex, I noticed something peculiar hanging in a tree that I didn’t notice upon my arrival. This object matched that of the trees and vegetation: brittle, lifeless, decay; yet my inner child drew me to it.

This decaying object was recognizable, yet I couldn’t precisely identify it. The neck, what was left of it, longer than a human’s; the head had a snout and only molars for teeth; the eye sockets seemed larger than a human’s. I then asked my biology friends if they could identify it after documenting this find.
I collect samples
out of curiosity
on chilling nights.