Past Lives

They say cats have 9 lives;
I’ve already lost 7.
Every time I changed my
residence, every time I changed
schools, every time I change
communities of Christians, they
become a past life long gone. Any
relationships or lessons I’ve acquired in
these past lives are taken –
some remembered,
most forgotten.

I have her to thank for that.

It’s as if when I begin to
bloom like a tall, strong sunflower to
my fullest potential, or when I just made
magnetic connections with others
who could help me grow –
it’s all for naught upon
relocation. She might as well

have told me: I
accidentally made a
poor life decision –
others hate me for no reason –
our lives are in shambles
right now; pack up, get in the car,
we’ll have to start over again
and again
and again
and again
and – STOP!
No more!
I’m down to 2 lives. I want
them to mean something
for a change. Never before have I
made connections so strong; I feel it
in my heart for once. Never before have I
acquired so much knowledge and wisdom; for once,
I’m on the right path.

Don’t take it all away
from me.

I wonder if all I am is
a burden to you, preventing
you from being wealthy and comfortable.
If this is so, if
money’s your highest priority,
why haven’t you
booted me out of your life yet?
Why didn’t you
allow me to die when I was
born so weak?

I’m sure this
isn’t what you wanted;

I never wanted this either.