Under the crimson moonlight

A sonnet I wrote for my current boyfriend. He’s someone who, for the first time, I can wholeheartedly trust that we will last for the rest of our lifetimes. I will admit, this one does come off more as an erotic/horror, narrative poem, rather than an actual sonnet, but I do like how it turned out, regardless, and my boyfriend likes it too!

Under the crimson moonlight deep within
the forest’s hallowed grounds, two beasts tangled
and danced in vicious, bloody sport. Their kin
canine and feline – opposites strangled.
And lo! These weres would fight for only play –
they bond and understand each other through
animalistic, passionate display.
Their aura turned a purple, greenish hue.
And in the afterglow – with course fur stained
in iron blood and muscles ached and bruised –
the fox and tiger coupled their contained
bestial spirits they do not abuse.
Almost two years later, they built a trust
unbreaking – never becoming red rust.



On my return trip out of the wooded area near my apartment complex, I noticed something peculiar hanging in a tree that I didn’t notice upon my arrival. This object matched that of the trees and vegetation: brittle, lifeless, decay; yet my inner child drew me to it.

This decaying object was recognizable, yet I couldn’t precisely identify it. The neck, what was left of it, longer than a human’s; the head had a snout and only molars for teeth; the eye sockets seemed larger than a human’s. I then asked my biology friends if they could identify it after documenting this find.
I collect samples
out of curiosity
on chilling nights.