Never Let Me Go

A bit on the experimental side, mainly with the rhyming. I tend to not rhyme whenever I write “vent poems,” so I decided to give it a shot this time.

Nowhere to run –
Nowhere to hide –
Out only to have a little fun,
Then it’s back to the grind.

You can’t keep me around forever

The burden that is you weighs a ton –
It’s a miracle my back is still intact
From caring for you – Remind me, am I your son
Or your husband? Is the “crippled mother” just an act?

You can’t keep me around forever

Can’t do this –
Can’t do that –
A new chapter of my life starts and you hiss
Anger is your soul – it’s how you always react.

I can’t stay here forever

For the first time, I found love –
I hope our souls intertwine –
I hope Peace descends like a dove
Upon this house – you and I are in a bind.

I won’t stay single forever

Consistently a disappointment, you have a list
Of every mistake I’ve made that makes you upset –
Your only child might as well not exist,
Or at least be a memorable vignette.

You shouldn’t hate yourself forever

All I ask is to be let go
Before winter comes
And I’m buried with snow,
Leaving you in the doldrums –
Sons won’t last forever,

But they must be on their own


Liberation From Lack of Emotion

What do you see me as?
I am well aware that I am
your one and only son, with whom
you are well pleased; but I don’t know
if truth lies behind that statement.

Every relocation, every person
added or removed in our lives,
resulted from your decisions
alone; I was dragged along for the ride,
and I want off.

You might as well
store me away in a box
in the garage or in the basement, I
might as well be one of
your many sentimental possessions

you refuse to let go of just like
your “what ifs” of the past.
All I want is freedom
to be myself, do what I love,
reinvent myself, be the best man

God created me to be on
his terms, find someone to
love and cherish for who they are,
not what I want them to be.
I’m tired of this insecurity!

I want to share God’s love
for me with those who truly need it,
the modern-day lepers who
the Church condemns and refuses
to reach out

to, the QUILTBAGs for instance.

So now I must find liberation from
you, find a place of peace and not
depression, lacking all emotion including

I have found this among a culture of
humanoid animal people, in a universe
dominated by cute, colorful pony people, in a world
where humans can bend the four elements to their will
and are more in-tune with the spirits than we are,
in a galaxy far far away filled with
aliens, humans, rebels, smugglers, and scruffy nerf-herders

– I wish these were my reality instead.

Thanks for teaching me
how to not feel emotion when I should, and

keeping me stuck in my life.

Your Bisexual, dirty Liberal hippie “son”