A Common Favorite

Azule represents the most
important liquid on the planet
that sustains life, yet

this liquid can also
take away life if it has
access to places in your body
where its excess is fatal.

The hottest stars of our
galaxy shine bright
with 青。Be glad they

are far away and that
our Sun isn’t μπλε; there
would be no Solar System; there

would be no Earth.

Wiebieski is that of the
ever precious
lapis lazuli, used in

jewelry of royalty in
ancient Egypt, and used as

dyes for the high class’ wardrobes
and the vivid stained-glass of
European cathedrals. It’s a shame

the commoners couldn’t partake in
this exquisite hue.

When the sky’s clear and
not many clouds are around,
there’s an expanse of 푸른
in all directions. No wonder

we associate calmness and coolness
with màu xanh. Yet why do
we also associate it with

sadness that makes us
want to bring harm
to ourselves?

Maybe that’s why
I like blue so much, it expresses
some of the simpler
human desires and fears:
life, peace, the rarities we find, and

an untimely demise.

Latest prompt response. The prompt was to write a poem where the name of a color appears several times throughout, and to draw any and all images that come to mind associated with that color. I decided to put a spin on this and use the word “blue” in several different languages.