An Inner Part of Me

One weekend
was what I needed
to try and be something
I’m not, letting my
animal spirit
consume me.
At my core

I am feline but
identify more with the
domesticated variety, yet
I find comfort
knowing I’m kin to the
tigers of East Asia; yet
my natural habitat
is far from tropical.
Some features of mine
have been cast out of
the gene pool, apparently
sabered fangs,
blue fur with purple stripes,
blurred vision and an
enlarged heart filled with
love, and a
humanoid physique don’t
contribute to
survivability and reproduction for
my species. But

there are so many of us
in the world; this was
just how we were created
by our modern gods.
Maybe it’s good that

God gave us and them
the capacity for
compassion because
Nature –
humans –
can be

Another prompt response for my poetry class. The prompt was to simply write a poem in which an animal figures prominently, not to be used symbolically. I tried to go with a different rout with this rather than just pick an animal and go from there; in essence, I was trying to base this on my fursona (currently in development) and the whole furry subculture.



Angry prince chasing a bald kid
The savior you have to deal with
Talking babies
Personal tiny horses
A chemistry teacher who’s also a chef
Opinionated movie buff with anger issues
Old school videogame aficionado with anger issues
Space samurais
Hamlet as told by African animals
Cross-dressing warrior
SNL skit-based movie
Me in my mid 30s
Something you have to see to believe
Talking raccoon
Vin Diesel the robot
Bastard child of Satan
Written death
Skinless giants killing everyone
Goofy horror show
Silliness of everyday life
Symbolic puberty
Lyrical poetry in multiple time signatures
Slap bass on acid
Your dad’s favorite band in high school
Your dad’s other favorite band in high school
French robots
The man who makes pop songs better
Hipster Jamaican music
Dance music 50 years young
The tree of the Devil
Hat simulator with guns
A series that will never become a trilogy
God as a lion
Dried leaves in a wrap
Living creatures with potential souls
Those same creatures, but more human

What makes you think and feel empathy

How I’m creating this list

Latest prompt response for my Poetry Writing class. The prompt chosen was to write a poem that’s a list of things. I tried to get a little creative with this and not blatantly say what these are exactly.