There is a howl that resonates the air

A sonnet I wrote for my boyfriend for our two-month anniversary. It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, so hopefully this makes some sense and follows the form.

There is a howl that resonates the air –
not deep and prideful – that is not my wolf.
A friendly call belongs to him I care
about – the gentle soul that is your wealth.
We nuzzle muzzles – locking lips as we
exchange our breaths. Alone, his presence soothes
me – pulsing heartbeats calm the torrent sea
of my disquiet mind – it is defused.
Our new, unnatural courtship stuck for two
endearing, lovely months – and both of us
are new to this – a concept we pursued
despite us keeping mateship in a hush.
But this wolf cares for his peculiar pack –
no matter what, he keeps us all intact.


What Happened One Night

I think about him night and day, wondering
what will happen to us if we were
together. My mom seems to like him, his
parents seem to like me. Would that be
ok then? Or is this just a phase?
Some nights I would feel so alone,
abandoned, wishing he was in bed
with me and I in his arms,
wishing he was here with me right now,
reminding me I’m not alone. Yet I
still feel this way because it’s true, even if
I’m around him frequently. Tears come

making me human and not
a real man when
loneliness enters my mind. I

continuously romanticize and sing
about our
future together, two
goofballs sharing all
who we are and all
that we love, all
our vices and virtues,
going against the grain with our
alone. Some would be

ok with us, some wouldn’t
care about us, some would
hate us. At least we would
find solace in a community of
animal people.

Out of panic I
ask him if he shares these
deep, longing passions with me.
He didn’t say.